WhatsApp introduces picture-in-picture mode.

California – The messaging behemoth owned by Meta – has once again improved its user experience with its latest launch: a picture-in-picture feature for videos.

With this innovative addition, watching videos, browsing chats or other application areas becomes seamless, ushering in a new era of versatility for millions of users around the world.

In the constant pursuit of perfection, WhatsApp has established itself as a leader in software updates, providing constant improvements and improvements.
The recent introduction of picture-in-picture mode demonstrates Meta’s commitment to refining its platform and adapting to evolving user preferences.

This latest feature, available in WhatsApp beta version 24.6.77 for iOS, promises to change the way users interact with multimedia content. Users can now enjoy continuous video viewing while exploring different chats or program segments at the same time, increasing productivity and convenience.

While photo functionality is currently limited to YouTube and Instagram videos, it’s an important step toward broader integration on those platforms. This feature is more extensive than external shared videos, which include videos shared directly within the WhatsApp ecosystem.

However, it should be noted that it can now be used inside the WhatsApp application, preventing users from using it when they switch to another application. However, the addition of such features shows WhatsApp’s commitment to innovative and user-centered design.

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