Islamabad : Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), Ms. Rubina Khalid has underscored the importance of upholding the self-respect and dignity of BISP’s deserving women. Addressing senior management and officers during an introductory meeting at BISP HQs, Chairperson BISP emphasized the need for unwavering commitment to providing essential services to BISP beneficiaries.
Ms. Rubina Khalid made it unequivocally clear that any instances of mismanagement or misconduct would not be tolerated under her leadership, and strict action would be taken against individuals involved. Secretary BISP, Amer Ali Ahmad, endorsed the Chairperson’s statement, reinforcing the commitment to accountability and efficiency within the organization.
Additionally, Ms. Khalid expressed her intention to personally visit BISP field offices to monitor the situation closely, emphasizing her hands-on approach to ensuring effective implementation of her directives.
Emphasizing transparency and empowerment, Ms. Rubina Khalid stressed the establishment of bank accounts for BISP beneficiaries, allowing them to access their funds independently, thus minimizing human intervention.
Furthermore, Chairperson BISP emphasized the significance of vocational and technical training, particularly for the children of beneficiaries, as a means to alleviate their hardships and contribute positively to their families’ well-being. She highlighted the need for creating employment opportunities to uplift the beneficiaries from poverty.
Chairperson Ms. Rubina Khalid also proposed BISP management to devise policies specifically targeting the inclusion of unmarried and widowed individuals in the program. Recognizing them as the most vulnerable segments of society, Ms. Khalid underscored the importance of extending support and assistance to ensure their socio-economic well-being.
The meeting also witnessed a comprehensive briefing by Secretary BISP, Mr. Amer Ali Ahmad, on the core initiatives and new developments within the program. Additionally, Addl. Secretary BISP, Dr. Tahir Noor, along with all Director Generals of BISP, were present to discuss the strategic direction of the program.
Chairperson Ms. Rubina Khalid conveyed her eagerness to engage with the BISP team further and deepen her understanding of the program’s operations.

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