PTA Intensifies Crackdown on Illegal Provisioning of Internet Services

Islamabad : The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Zonal Office in Lahore, in close collaboration with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), conducted a successful raid against an illegal Internet Service Provider (ISP) operating at Punjab University Town-II, Lahore.

During the raid, operational internet setup was found, being operated without a valid license. One person have been taken into custody and relevant equipment including 05 OLTs and 02 ONTs were confiscated. The FIA is probing further inquiry as per law.

The successful efforts against illegal internet service providers can be attributed to PTA’s unwavering commitment, continuous monitoring, and persistent efforts to curb illegal internet services. These actions are crucial in preventing tax evasion and revenue misreporting, thus curtailing loss to the national exchequer.

PTA urges the public to only avail telecom services from PTA licensed operators to avoid sudden discontinuation of service.

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