NICAT & NASTP Celebrates Women in Tech at Landmark Event

Islamabad : – The National Incubation Center for Aerospace Technologies (NICAT) hosted the “Women in Tech” event with the continuous support from Ignite – NTF, Ministry of IT and Telecom and NASTP, celebrating the achievements of Pakistani women in the technology sector. This initiative aimed to inspire and empower the next generation of female tech leaders while fostering a supportive community for collaboration and growth.

Imran Jatalla, Project Director at NICAT, opened the event with welcoming remarks, setting an enthusiastic tone for the day. Keynote speakers included Capt. Qadar Sarfraz, Pilot and CEO of Airman’s Ground, and Nadeem Malik, Secretary General of P@sha, who shared their insights and experiences, emphasizing the crucial role of women in technology.

The event also honored notable guests such as Fatima Anila, CTO at OneLoad, and Hira Zainab, Policy Consultant at USAID, who highlighted the strides women are making in the tech industry and their potential to lead future innovations.

A significant highlight of the event was the signing of four Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs). These agreements mark the beginning of strategic partnerships aimed at advancing support and development opportunities for women in technology. These collaborations are expected to enhance resource sharing and create more pathways for women in the tech field.

Sarah Tims, Community Manager of NICAT, remarked, “NICAT is looking forward to playing a pivotal role in women’s empowerment and the growth of the startup ecosystem in Pakistan.”

To conclude the event, NICAT hosted a dinner, providing attendees with an opportunity to network and discuss potential collaborations in a relaxed setting.

NICAT’s “Women in Tech” event not only celebrated the successes of women in technology but also provided a platform for aspiring female tech professionals to connect with industry leaders, learn, and find inspiration. By recognizing and promoting women’s contributions to tech, NICAT is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive technology community in Pakistan.

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