Major Election Results in relation to General Election Results

Peshawar:  Elections were held on February 8, 2024. The results of the recent elections were clear from day one President ANP Aymal Wali KhanThese announcements used to show who would get the coke and who would get it.Not only ANP I also defeated those important leaders who were considered candidates for the Chief Ministership.Puppet parties have been kept out of the leadership of Pakistan the case of ANP.Balochistan puppet government and should be established in Balochistan.The budget was given to the dumb and the deaf so that there is no say for the resources of Pakistan’s rights.Aymal Wali Khan further said stronger voices have been kept out of close proximity so that evidence of authority over these resources remains.Mohsin Dawar was protesting against rigging in Waziristan, he was directly targeted.As a result of Montazare, Mohsin Dawar was martyred along with four others.Assembly fund was given to a person from his constituency who can’t even walk on his own so that Pashtuns talk ends.The management of February 8 began with network downloads on the day of electionsIndependent candidates of PTI were dealt separately in Punjab and PML-N government was established there.Compromised independent candidates in Pakhtunkhwa were won over so that the puppet of their will is their provincial president.The earlier deal with the compromised candidates of PTI was released in relief.Police and army in Pakistan have given only P workers after May 9.PTI leaders who struck a deal became MPA and MNA.PTI leaders who did not deal were thrown out of ParliamentThe elections to be held on February 8, the elections were less, while the business market seemed to be more.By defeating the PTI candidate from PK 82 Peshawar, the contestant was brought from the 7th position to the first position in exchange of billions of rupees.An Afghan citizen was made MPA from Hayatabad for a few billions rupees.If Imran has the vote a PTI candidate from Charsadda got only 4 thousand votes.Compared to him, an independent candidate has got 39,000 votes for crores of rupees said the provincial president ANP.The 38 thousand votes of a former MNA from Peshawar were added to Form 47 to make one lakh 38 thousand votes, Amil Wali Khan.Billions were demanded from our own candidates through ROs, we have proofsThe entire system including Election Commission and Judiciary is paralyzed in Pakistan.In Pakistan, there is a monarchy of an institution and that is the establishmentThe establishment is solely responsible for what happened to this country from the first day till today.Since 2008 till now, we have cooperated with the state for peace and in the fight against terrorism.We have sacrificed our lives against terrorism but if we remain traitors to the state we will remain traitors.There will be no further cooperation, Enough is Enough,There are two ballots for ANP in Pakistan, one ballot and another bullet.This was done to us in the ballot which is in front of the public and we are also kept in front of the ballot.From today I will continue to play my constitutional and democratic role whether it pleases anyone or not.We may be called anti-state in this struggle.Let us make it clear that we are not anti-state at all but we should not be forced.No one should be under the illusion that the 18th constitutional amendment will be rolled back by bringing the deaf and dumb to the assemblies.Remember Pervez Musharraf’s decision to build Kalabagh Dam.Even at that time we were not in the parliament but no one had the courage to build the Kalabagh DamSimilarly no one can roll back the 18th constitutional amendment.Keeping all the nationalist leaders of Pakhtunkhwa out of the parliament will result in a mass movement against the federal system.The response to the state’s attempts to block the path of parliamentary democratic politics will prove to be history-making, said provincial president ANP.Based on all these facts, how can any intelligent person be ready to accept these elections?We reject these results and are not ready to accept them in any case.ANP demands that all constituencies in Pakhtunkhwa be opened, large number of bogus votes have been cast.If our demands are not accepted, we will soon announce a peaceful protest movement in the entire province.Party officials should resume the process of organization across the province.Organizations should be completed as soon as possible so that the whole party is ready for this new war.

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